Tapping the Source

144 Page Paperback

Tapping the Source

"A journey toward a healthier Self-Image"

bulletThe Natural Order of the Universe is Abundance, and it may be the fear programmed into you during childhood that’s keeping you from that abundance. In this exciting book, Randy shows us how to replace that fear with a Wealth Consciousness.

bulletStart using your powerful Alpha Brain Waves to reprogram for Success.

bulletLearn how to use your own inner guidance to solve problems.

bulletDiscover a proven way to create the life you’ve always dreamed about -- a direct path to having everything in the world you really want.

bulletTapping the Source is a collection of Natural Laws which make up a fantastic Success Formula - a "scientific basis for success" that puts Prosperity within your grasp.

After reading Tapping the Source, you’ll know that luck, or fate has nothing to do with success or failure.

You may learn that you have been causing your own failures, through the mis-use of powers you did not even know you had. By choosing to read Tapping the Source, you have taken the important first step to undoing past mistakes and creating a whole new life for yourself!

What others have said about this book:

"Excellent! Thought provoking and inspirational. It has truly transformed my life."
James Martin -- Vancouver, BC

"Randy Ward’s book is one of the most insightful books on Personal Growth.
It is one of the top ten great books in our industry."

Dave Stoltzfus, Chairman, Team Diamond

Randy is committed to "breaking the barriers" and "making a difference" in your life!

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