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Randy Joe Ward


Professional Speaker

Home Business Consultant

and the author of Six Books on MLM

and Personal Growth, as well as

several Audio and Video programs.

By the age of 35, Randy had experienced success in a variety of areas. He worked his way through college as a top ten salesman for the Southwestern Publishing Company of Nashville, Tennessee. During college, he became a private pilot and currently holds a commercial pilot’s certificate with multi-engine and instrument ratings.

Randy’s first business venture beyond college was to write more than three million dollars worth of life insurance in two years. His rapid advancement toward financial independence began when he became a real estate broker and started his own company in 1976. Between 1976 and 1980, he bought, sold and constructed dozens of houses and developed over 3,000 acres of raw land into home sites.

In 1980, Randy became an oil producer and drilled 21 wells before entering the direct sales field in the spring of 1983. His first six month’s group volume exceeded a million dollars.

Randy’s diversified business career has convinced him that the most rewarding way to achieve financial independence is through a Home Based Business. In his classic book, Winning the Greatest Game of All, Randy turns direct sales into “the Accelerated Game of Life”.

He shows how it speeds up the process of personal growth and how it is a very direct path to friends, self-expression, wealth, travel and making a difference. He sees direct sales as a game, you as a player and coach, and his book, The Greatest Home Based Business in the World, as your guide. His books define the game, explain the rules, tell you what to expect, outline a proven game plan, and give you a scoreboard with which to monitor your progress.

Randy considers Home Based Direct Sales Businesses as vehicles through which lives can be transformed, vehicles through which we can make a great and powerful contribution to others. Those who read Winning the Greatest Game of All and The Greatest Home Based Business in the World, are able to make a quality decision as to whether they want to play, or merely be a spectator in “the Accelerated Game of Life”.

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